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Founded in 1993, the Quality group of Companies is a global supplier and exporter of electronic components.

Quality is in our name, but it does not end there, Qualtiy is ever present in our products and our work standards. The Quality Group has implemented ISO 9001. Working with Qualtiy Group will give its customers a distinct competitive advantage. We will identify ourselves with the customer and provide the flexibility necessary to deliver a quality product at the best price. And yes, with the lowest risk and highest service possible.

In addition to providing a wider range of standard electronic components and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Quality Group's employees provide a unique integrated teamwork solution. Customers, suppliers and specialists are all solicited if required to help our customer identify and solve problems, making the most of high-end technologies and resources.


Success Stories

Our people deliver value to the ever-changing industry by continually impoving productivity while maintaining high standard wormanship

  • We has demonstrated its ability to comply with customer demands, being certified in Sony's Green Partner Program

  • We has successfully designed a water heater electric control circuit. This product is currently manufactured in Thailand and exported around the world.

  • 250,000 coils are manufactured monthly for inkjet printers. The success of this project is based on Quality Group' skilled staff working closely together with the customer during both phases fo design and manufacturing



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